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Sweden’s Marine Centre and the saltiest Bath city

Lysekil on the west coast offers its visitors a unique archipelago with beautiful smooth rocks in red Bohus granite and a living coastal and boating – a holiday paradise. Here you can enjoy the sun and salt water.Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden offers the visitor a unique archipelago of beautiful islands and an active inshore boat life. While each season has its charms, one should first of all visit Lysekil in the summer. Enjoy refreshing saltvattensbad, outdoor activities and of course the many restaurants that have fresh seafood year round.

Welcome to Lysekil!

Points of Interest

Havets Hus

Lysekil has an absolutely fantastic place to visit. This is called ”The house of the sea” and here you can see lots of different animals and fish found in …

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Lysekil – Visit Lysekil Petroglyphs

In Backa Brastad are some of the most famous rock carvings, these have been discussed by archaeologists in almost 200 years.

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Nordens Ark

At Nordens Ark you’ll meet endangered animals in a magnificent setting alongside Åby fiord in Bohuslän. We have some 80 species that thrive in our climate, for example snow leopards, Amur tigers, Amur leopards, wolves, lynxes and old native breeds. You’ll also see endangered birds and amphibians.

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Dykare i Lysekil


The marine life in Gullmarsfjorden differ much from the outside. On as little as 20 meters you will find aquatic life …

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What to do

There is much to do in Lysekil.

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The area around Lysekil counted as one of Sweden, or perhaps even the world’s, best and most unique paddle water!

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Set out on a seal safari and meet Bohusläns landscape animals, the harbor seal. A charming sea creatures, which can weigh up to 130kg and the whole can be almost …

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Crab fishery

Crab fishing is a real treat for anyone who has never been on the West Coast, although we coastal dwellers love to fish for crabs.

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There are a large number of bathing. You can take a bath from the rocks as well as sandy beaches.

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Lysekil – Visit Lysekil Restaurants



Lysekil consists of several great societies!

The Big Kornö

The little Kornö


South Grundsund

Lysekil – Visit Lysekil Fiskebäckskil